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Azalea Antarctica

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Medium, evergreen shrub up to 1.5m tall, bearing a mass of gorgeous pink blooms during Spring. The name derives from icy glaciers which show the same cool of blue as seen in the throat of this azalea. Prefers semi-shaded areas where its colour can light up the gloom. Requires regular watering during hit or dry conditions. Slow, deep watering at roots is best. 
Azaleas make good tub specimens on patios and balconies and are usually equally effective when planted in groups to make a stunning display. 
Suited to a wide range of climates and soil types, provided the soil is acidic with pH levels approx. 5-6. 
Digging over and adding organic material such as good compost should improve poor soils. Good drainage is essential. Lightly prune after flowering and provide a good feed with complete fertilizer.