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Azalea Evonne Goolagong

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Soft pink with bright pink edge. Large single to semi- double, hose- in-hose. Compact bushy growth to 1 meter. Flowers from Autumn to Spring. Early. Sport of White Bouquet. 
Azaleas provide a vibrant display over a long period. 
CONDITIONS: Azaleas tolerate a wide range of climates and soils, provided soil pH is around 5-6, and well drained. Poor soils can be improved by incorporating organic material such as compost. Full to part sun is generally tolerate in cooler climates, while in warmer climates, a semi- sheltered position is preferred. 
FOR BEST RESULT: When planting, dig a hole at least twice as wide as the root-ball and back- fill the hole to give the roots an easy start. Mulch the well and provide regular, deep soaking in warm and dry weather. Prune lightly after flowering to encourage dense new growth and maintain desired shape and size. Fertilise in Spring with a complete fertilizer. 

makes a colourful hedge

great in large tubs and containers