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Pink Malay Ixora

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Pink Malay is a beautiful summer flowering Ixora. This spectacular tropical plant with its dark glossy leaves, is topped by magnificent bright coral pink heads of flower.

Pink Malay is an excellent specimen plant in containers for the patio or courtyard. Mass plant in the garden to create and ideal hedge. 
For best flowering results. Pink malt prefers full sun, but will grow in semi- shaded, week- drained garden beds. 
protect from frost in cooler areas. 
Pink malay will grow to around 1m in height and width . 
Flowers are ideal for floral arrangement and regular cutting will enhance the business of the plant and boost flower production. 
Fertilise with slow release fertiliser in spring, summer and autumn.  To conserve water and hold moisture, use RainSaver water crystals as recommended. 

Part Shade
Full Sun
Height 1m 
Dry Tolerant
Spread 1m 
Unique Foliage

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