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Radermachera Summer Scent

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A versatile plant for all areas of Australia that is adaptable to many conditions.
Drought hardy once established, sun hardy and tolerant to shade and cold.
Large flowers, that produce a pleasant fragrance, bloom mostly in summer but can spot flower from spring to autumn warmer climates.
Summerscent can be grown as a small evergreen tree in the garden or as a street tree. Trim to a single stem about 1 m hight then allow branching out.
Also makes a beautiful flowering hedge, trimmed to shape, between 1.5 and 3 m in hight. Can Also be used as an indoor plant, keep in a well- lit position to ensure flowering.
Sun Tolerant - Shade Tolerant - evergreen- Hedge- Hardy- Trim
Hight : 1.5- 3M