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Rose Hybrid Tea Papa Meilland

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Large,double, high- centred, velvety crimson blooms. Very fragrant . Vigorous, upright, free blooming bush. 

Prefers an open , sunny position in organic rich, well drained soil by raising garden beds . 


Remove the pot gently without pulling on the plant . Do not tease the roots unless they are tightly packed or spiraling. Position the plant in the hole to the same soil level as found in the pot. Water in thoroughly . Do not place any fertilizer in or around the hole at this time.         Waite until new growth appears. 


Remove the plant from its bag or covering . Where roots have been confined, gently move them back into a more outward direction. Trim back any broken or long roots using sharp secateurs. Dig a hole as deep as the roots and wider . Water the hole prior to planting. Do not place fertilizer in or around the hole when planting. ( Wait until new growth appears) . Plant your rose so the bud union is 3-5cm above soil level. Backfill around the roots . Firm the soil gently and water in well . 

Remove spent flowers and dead wood as they occur. Pruning is best performed during July when the rose is dormant . 

Bush, Hybrid Tea & floribundas, about 60-90cm apart. 
Standards , about 1m apart . Climbers , 2-4m apart, depending on their vigour .